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junkyardjerry asked: What is your job ? Great drawings bro

Thanks man! Answering this publicly because I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about my job…

Currently I work at DHX Media Vancouver (the place where they make MLP… I work on a different show.) I do a mix of prop and character design so my official title is “design generalist” but for the sake of not sounding totally lame I just say “designer”! I draw lots of boogers and beasts, it’s a swell time.

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Drawing power from a stone…

More digital painting… The idea popped into my head after a nice walk on a (surprisingly hot) fall day. Couple of things changed in the transition from drawing to painting, mostly the stone and the weird reindeer critters (???) hiding behind said stone. Inspired by the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

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Anonymous asked: my teacher mentioned and showed sum if ur art in class! it was prit sweet bruh

What!? That’s cool… I guess? Damn. I hope it wasn’t old old art. Damn. School will haunt me forever..