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A girl and her dinosaur!

My computer was cranky today so I went back to my drawing table for a bit (before scanning my drawing in and colouring it on the computer… hahaaHHah). I’ve been practicing drawing ceratopsids! Lots of fun. Big birdy beak dinos.

Anyways… Here’s the expulsion of said practicing.

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I will be at Vancaf this coming weekend (May 24-25)! This event is free to attend! Free! If you’re in Vancouver come by, say hello and maybe buy one of these delicious monster heads or even a whole book full of monsters! I will be sitting at table D5 with Sadie Brown (from whom you can grab comix/neato jewelry!)

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Been meaning to draw Charizard and try some new brushes for awhile now, finally got this out of my system! I’m glad this doofus is coming back to Smash Bros (although Squirtle will be sorely missed).

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